Vanuatu’s Australian High Commission’s First Secretary Charlie Jebb officially opened a new environmentally friendly solar water system to Melemaat Primary School. The Australian-funded solar water system now helps over 600 students, school staff and families access clean water. This installation will change the school community’s everyday life. The Australian High Commission funded the materials through […]

1 week Forum blong Department blong Local Authority long Santo i kam blong faenemaot se ol local gavman authority olsem municipal mo provinces oli no save run good from oli still operate under long ol laws we stap since 1988 finis mo hemi affectem fulap revenue collection blong council. Report i showem se since 2017 […]

Wok bae I start naoia blong bildim Sakao dispensary long South Ambae. Long las wik minister blong helt, Silas Bule I mekem ground breaking ceremony blong markem start blong wok blong bildim niufala dispensary ia. Niufala dispensary ia part blong NPP bong ministry blong helt tru long gavman. Kansela blong PENAMA province we I represetem […]

Plante student long ol skul tru aot long Vanuatu bae sitim ol examination blong olgeta long wik ia. Plante skul I stap rere finis blong ol student I mekem end of yia exam blong olgeta start long tomoro. Long plante skul long Port Vila, olgeta student blong klass 1 kasem klass 6 bae I kat […]

Wan consultation long saed blong Ban blong diaper, i harem se sapos reusable diaper hemi only option blong usum, bai hemi kat plante negative effect long olketa woman. Consultation ya i harem se olketa woman bai oli kat extra work sapos gavman i bannem diaper, mo olketa woman we oli olketa single mama mo only […]

Pacific Islands Climate Outlook Forum 7 or PICOF 7we I sapos blong tekem ples long Vanuatu long yia ya, istap tekem ples naoia virtually or tru long internet. PICOF 7, I open long yestete morning mo I karem tuketa olketa expert blong climate long region blong oli tokbaot climate outlook blong region mo especially cyclone […]

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