Stan & The Earth Force : No Worries.

No Worries is a song from stan’s New Album “Why Can’t We Live?“. Stan & The Earth Force has Finally Released “No Worries” Video.

5 O’clock i’m the road across the valley.

6 O’clock ontop of the hill on the other side.

7 O’clock i hear the speakers tremble.

8 O’clock i feel my body winding down.

9 O’clock mellow starts rising.

10′ O’clock every body feel right.


Vanuatu’s long time singer songwriter Alcina Charley making a come back with the release of her long awaited new album “Yahweh Jehovah”.

The Legend of vanuatu reggae, Huarere’s Lead vocalist and composer Ben Siro (Also known as ‘Stone Wall‘) has released another single hit “Missim yu“.