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FM107 is Vanuatu's first private FM commercial radio station since Independence in 1980 .  FM107 is dedicated to providing 24-7 music, entertainment, news and information to our audience in Port Vila, Santo, Tanna and surrounding provinces and islands . FM107 is the most popular FM station in the country and continues to grow and expand in its style, presentation and reach across the nation.





(Times given in local Vanuatu Time = UTC + 11 hours)

Top Sponsored Shows


Monday – Friday

5 -8am                 Digicel Morning Beat

8 -11am               ANZ Mid Morning Show

11am -2pm         TVL Lunch / Fly With Fiji Airways

3 -4pm                 Vanuatu Post Hour

4 -7pm                 Au Bon Marche Hour / TVL Cruise

7-8pm                  Top 7 At 7 Countdown

8-11pm                Nitrax

11pm-5am          All Nighter




5-11am                Saturday Splash

11am-5pm          Weekender

5-11pm                Yumi2 DJ Wetem Planet 107

11pm-5am          All Nighter



5-11am                Resurrection Sundays

11am-2pm          Weekender

2-5pm                  Your Choice Sundays

5-11pm                Emotions

11pm-5am          All Nighter



Programs (Weekdays)


Talk Back

Vanuatu Focus (with Moses Stevens)  

12-1pm Mon / Wed / Fri       


Youth Talk Back (with Charles Sumbe)

12-1pm Tuesdays


Current Affairs

Vanuatu Focus (with JB Calo) Daily @ 9.30am


Hits Countdown

Top 7 At 7 - Hottest 7 Songs of the Day Daily


Comedy (Bislama)    

Monkey Boys – every ¼ past each new hour


Star Interviews (English)

Touch A Star – ¼ to every second hour






News (Weekdays)


Bislama Summary  - 9am / 2pm

News In 3 Languages – 11am / 5pm

Regional News  - 8am / 4pm / 6am

New Headlines - 7am (English) / 9am / 2pm (Bislama)


Sports (Weekdays)

Local – 9am / 11am / 3pm / 5pm

Regional / International – 1pm Daily


Weekend Sports

Draws – Saturday 8am

Recap – Sunday 1pm



Capital FM107 is a Ni-Vanuatu owned commercial radio station established in 2007 in Port Vila, Vanuatu.


We have succeeded becoming Vanuatu’s NO1 FM Hit Radio Station.


...some facts about FM107:

  • ·         NO 1 FM station in Port Vila, Santo, Tanna and Outer Islands
  • ·         24/7 Live in Vanuatu and on the internet
  • ·         High Energy Radio
  • ·         3 National Languages: English, French & Bislama
  • ·         Excellent Coverage
  • ·         Hottest Radio Personalities
  • ·         Wackiest Promotions and competitions
  • ·         Interchanging weekly theme days
  • ·         News and Current affairs on the Hour – Weekdays
  • ·         Vanuatu String Band promoter – Our Musical Heritage
  • ·         Excellent in its drive to inform, educate and entertain Vanuatu




Capital FM107

Laguna Building

PO Box 258

Port Vila


Tel +678 23847


Contact Us